Before the advent of computers, sign painters were the premier graphic designers of their day.  Trained in classical lettering and typography, the sign painter had to understand how to make letters and words work together and look appealing.  In addition to letterforms, a good sign painter would also have an understanding of color theory and pictorial painting techniques.  Years of handed down knowledge, shelves of original reference books, and  computer editing programs are all at our disposal when it comes to designing your next sign project.

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The allure of hand painted signs and lettering are timeless.  From the first brush painted Roman letters of ancient Rome to the classic sign painter's casual script developed in the United States, hand painted signs are unique and demand attention.  We can hand paint on many surfaces from wooden or metal signboards to your building walls or vehicle.


We offer screen printing services as well as digital printing.  There are a wide variety of applications and materials for printing, including banners, decals, fabric, metal, wood, plastic and glass.

Screen printing is a centuries old technique that involves creating a stencil to push ink through with a squeegee.  Ideal for large runs and highly detailed graphics.


Digital printing is a newer technology that involves computer programs and inkjet printers.  Best suited for custom small run jobs. 


Cut vinyl is one of the most popular and economical products for sign making.  We offer a wide selection of colors and they can be applied to everything from signboards to vehicles and windows.  Vinyl graphics are quite durable and are a good alternative for applications where paint is not ideal. 


Gold leaf gilding is the cream of the crop in the sign world.  It is one of the oldest known arts going back thousands of years.  Thin layers of gold are applied to either a surface object or the reverse side of a glass window resulting in a stunning gold finish.  Many options are available including mirror water gilding, matte oil gilding, mother of pearl inlays, enamel paint blends, and a variety of karats of gold.


Next workshop is in August 2020 (our first virtual class)

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Studio Signs offers hands-on workshops for brush lettering and screen printing.  The classes are tailored to the students needs and are taught in fun and inviting environment.  New students and those who want to "brush up" on their skills are encouraged to sign up for the next session of classes.  Workshops are held at Studio Signs and instructed by Melvin Lee who has 50 years of sign painting experience and his son Nick.

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